About Sozo Aesthetics

Who Are We? Sozo Aesthetics Defined

We are a registered skin care and anti-aging solutions company that is based in Singapore.


Our Purpose

In-clinic aesthetic treatments are common-place in Singapore’s cosmopolitan society.

However, aesthetic treatments alone usually not enough if you want to fight aging effectively or treat stubborn skin issues like acne and acne scars.

We specialise in stem cell home care and post-treatment recovery to complement your aesthetic treatments and to bring your results to a whole new level.


Our People

Our Aesthetic Concierge has decades of skin, anti-aging and beauty experience.

We operate in the digital space and start your aesthetic assessments online because this is the 21st century.
You are busy – and we know it.

We will begin by assessing if your concerns can be settled using home care or if you need the addition of in-clinic treatments. 


Our Partners

We are part of the Sozo healthcare group. Other registered companies in the group include Sozo Aesthetic Clinic – a Ministry of Health licensed medical clinic that specialises in Aesthetic Medicine.


Our Milestones

We are the first company in Singapore to offer AnteAge stem cell solutions from the US.


How We Deliver the Products

We have an e-commerce arm that will deliver the products to your doorstep.

Why Do We NOT have an In-House skin care brand?

Expertise, or the lack thereof.

And we aren’t afraid to admit it.

Nowadays, it seems like every other clinic, doctor, chemist, dermatologist and entrepreneur has their own skin care brand.

And it will only make economic sense for us to develop our own home care and post-treatment skin care based on our clients’ high volume demands.

However, we prefer to leave skin care research to the experts and focus on where our strengths lie.

We prefer to pick and choose the best formulations available. Instead of wasting our time to develop a new product line. If we can’t beat them, we join them (or rather, we partner with them).

Did you know that most private label/ in-house skin care contain pretty much the same active ingredients? How then do we differentiate between each brand? Hint: In fact, we don’t.

Instead, we focus on the most cutting-edge active ingredients available – stem cells.

And we seek out the global experts in stem cells- scientists and doctors with multiple PhDs who eat, sleep and breathe stem cells.

AnteAge and Calecim – these 2 leading stem cell brands are the very reasons why do not have an in-house skin care brand.

Will we ever have a third brand? Who knows what the future holds…

Why Do I Need Stem Cell Home Care?

2 reasons: Intrinsic Aging and External Cell Injury.

We all suffer from intrinsic aging and external cell injury from our environmentally stresses.

How do we heal our bodies and prevent further damage?

Stem cell home care addresses the root of these issues.

Our team at Sozo Aesthetics leave no stone unturned in our search for the best stem cell home care available globally.

Our 2 choices: AnteAge and Calecim. Designed by Scientists. Developed by Doctors. Tried and tested for the most challenging of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic concerns.

Our medical professionals have used these formulations immediately post-treatment as well as for home care.

We believe that stem cell home care is the frontier of regenerative skin care.

Wait no longer, contact our Aesthetic Concierge via our Contact Form for customised home care and treatment solutions.